As a not-for-profit organisation, Cambridge Australia Scholarships relies on the generosity of its donors.  We receive no public or direct Government support: all scholarships are funded, in conjunction with the Cambridge Trust, by individual (private) philanthropic donations.

Some donations are tied to specific colleges or have a strong preference for a given college. Applicants for these scholarships should include the specific college or indicate "open application" in their choice of college.Click here for complete list of Scholarships

Named scholarships have been established through the generosity of the following donors:

3 Year PhD Scholarships

 Mr David Charles Keith Allen AO

Charles Allen has endowed one, three year PhD scholarship to be awarded each year with a strong preference for Corpus Christi College. The name of the scholarship (Allen / Bragg / McCrum) recycles every three years. Applicants for this annual scholarship should include Corpus Christi or "Open Application" as one of their two choices of College.

See recommendation of Corpus Christi College from recent scholar.

Professor Jan Anderson (Dec'd)

Cambridge Australia Newnham Scholarship - Newnham College                                                                                                                               

Professor Henry Bennett (Dec'd)

Cambridge Australia Fisher scholarship


Miss Kathleen Hammer (Dec'd) 

Cambridge Australia Fulton scholarship


Mrs Catherine Kater (Dec'd)

Cambridge Australia Kater scholarship


Dr Orde Poynton (Dec'd)

Cambridge Australia Poynton scholarships


Professor Peter (Dec'd) and Dr Barbara Treacy

Cambridge Australia Oliphant scholarship


Dr George H C Wong and Dr C Mary Calthorpe

Cambridge Australia WongCalthorpe scholarship - Preference Sidney Sussex College              


Alumni dononations:

Australian Cambridge Alumni

Cambridge Australia 800th Anniversary scholarship


One Year Masters Scholarships

 Mr Charles Allen AO

Cambridge Australia Allen  scholarships (half masters)

Up to two Cambridge Australia Allen (half masters) are awarded each year,  with a strong preference for Corpus Christi College.  Applicants for these scholarships should include Corpus Christi or "Open Application" as one of their two choices of College. See recommendation of Corpus Christi College from recent scholar.


Mr Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore Cambridge Australia scholarships (half masters)


Mr Ian Narev and Ms Frances Allan

Cambridge Australia Erich Narev scholarship (full masters)


Mr Jeremy Platt

Cambridge Australia A P Platt scholarship (half masters)


The Downing Family and Mr Christopher K G Rowe

Cambridge Australia Frank Downing scholarship (half masters)

Australian Pembroke College Alumni

Davis McCaughey Cambridge Australia scholarship - Pembroke College

Other Donors to Cambridge Australia Scholarships Ltd from 1/7/2014 to 30/6/2015. 


Dr Michael Alpers

Mr Stephen Andrews

Mr Vincent Arthur

J Bairstow

Dr John Bamford

Emeritus Professor David Barker

Mr Karl Berentzen

Dr Keith Boardman

Dr Heather Brindley

Dr E Brooks

Dr Margaret Bullen

Mr Angus Campbell

Mrs Phillipa Catchpole

Mr Ian Coghill

Dr David Colley

Mr Michael Collins

Professor Neville Collis-George

Mr Robin Cumming

Mr James De Voss

Mr Bruce Dyer

Professor Simon Evans

Mr Peter Evenden

Dr Murray Frazer

Ms Anna Garner

Professor John Gascoigne

Dr Donald Gifford

Mr Christopher Golis

Dr Alexander Gosling

Professor Hans Gottlieb

Mr Mike Gregson (Dec’d)

Mrs Judith Halnan

Professor Peter Handford

Mr Brian Harrap

Mrs Patricia Harris

Mr Bill Hayward

Dr Alan Hellier

Dr Roger Hiller

Dr George Hobday

Professor Andrew Holmes

Professor Bevyn Jarrott

Dr Victoria Jennings

Dr Robert Jones

Mr Robert Kenrick

Mr Alan King

Ms Clare Kitching

Dr Ann Knights

Professor Alec Lazenby

Mr Joost Kock

Mr Ronny Kol

Mr Roger Leeming

Dr George Lefroy

Mr Brian Lowe

Dr Peter Manasantivongs

Ms Margaret McCammon

Dr Hamish McGlashan

Associate Professor Robert Mclaughlin

Mr Bruce McLeod

Professor John Melville-Jones

Mr Richard Mews

Dr Patrick Murray

Professor Vallipuram Muthukkumarasamy

Dr Ian Napier

Mr Jeremy Newman

Mr Nicholas Page

Mr Edward Palandri

Ms Mary Playford

Mr John Pulman

Dr G Radford-Smith

Ms Suzie Riddell

Mr Martin Roche

Dr Eleanor Rowley

Mr Phil Silberstein

Mr Philip Solomon

Professor Peter Tregear

Mr Clive Trott

Mr Eric Wainwright

Dr Peter White

Ms Evelyn Williams

Mr Nigel Wilson

Mr Denis Woodhams

Dr Brian Young