Mr Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore arrived from Australia at St Catharine’s College Cambridge on a cold September day in 1963 as an undergraduate. He read Economics Part I and then switched to Law for his second and third years. He was a keen oarsman; rowing in the St Catharine’s First boat in the Lents and Mays for three years. He rowed seven in the 1965 Blue Boat; but was not available in 1966 due to a back injury.

After Cambridge he went on the last crossing (East to West) of the Queen Mary to go to Business School in the US A. Instead, he accepted a job offer by Celanese Corporation where he worked for three years in North Carolina, New York and Montreal.

After 3 years in North America he returned to Australia and worked with Australian United Corporation (which later became Morgan Guaranty) in Melbourne and Sydney for 15 years. In 1984 he moved to Elders Finance and Investment Corporation where he stayed for five years. He became its head of the Corporate Services Division in Australia. He then formed a small boutique advisory service called Marriott Moore; but this failed. After six months and one day he left this and formed his own consulting business; advising Australians who were Members of Lloyd’s of London.

He has served on the Board of United World Colleges, the Geelong Grammar School Council and Foundation (where he was President), the Archbishop in Council and the Mission to Streets and Lanes (which later became Anglicare).  He has always had a strong involvement in education; and thus his benefaction of the Patrick Moore Cambridge Australia Scholarship.