Masters Scholarships - Western Australia

The Cambridge Australia Frank Downing Scholarship covers half of the cost associated with coursework Masters degrees (except MBA) and are available to Western Australian applicants.

Note: This scholarship may be awarded in preference for study in law.  (view donors and scholarships)

Due to the generosity of the Downing Family, Mr Christopher K G Rowe, Members of HWL Ebsworth (previously Downing and Downing) and members of the WA legal and business communitiesCambridge Australia Scholarships offers this half-scholarship for applicants who are Australian citizens and have either graduated from a Western Australian university OR were born in WA, to study for a  Masters degree (except the Master of Business Administration) at Cambridge.

Cambridge Australia Scholarships’ aim is to foster candidates’ intellectual, ethical and spiritual life to enable them to become effective leaders in the community.   Each scholarship is tenable for one year and covers one half of the total costs (University fees, College fees and maintenance) associated with a coursework Masters degree.

These half-scholarships are designed to encourage candidates to co-fund their studies—e.g., with funding from other scholarships; prior employment income; or sponsorship from business, clubs or family and friends.

To be eligible applicants must:

  • Show proven academic ability, supported by appropriate references;
  • Demonstrate achievements in other field(s) and the energy to use their talents to the full as exemplified by contribution to the community and organisations to which they belong; and
  • Be of excellent character and to have the ability to lead to improve the lot of others in this life.

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in Perth for these scholarships.

To apply, applicants do not need to have fully completed their undergraduate studies, but must be near completion—e.g., have one to two semesters remaining.  If your application is successful you will be issued with a conditional offer that depends on your successful completion of an Australian degree.  Your Australian degree must be completed before you can commence studies at University of Cambridge.

Successful Candidates will be expected to:

  • Meet with members of Cambridge Australia Scholarships, and donors, prior to leaving for Cambridge;
  • Keep Cambridge Australia Scholarships informed about their academic and other activities at the end of each term and on completion of their course; and
  • Allow Cambridge Australia Scholarships to publicise their achievements as scholars.

On completion of their course, successful scholars are expected to:

  • Encourage others to apply for Scholarships;
  • Meet with past, current and prospective scholars; and
  • Make contributions to the scholarship fund where possible.

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